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Confess the Word
The word 'confession' means 'to say the same thing'. Therefore confessing the Word, means Saying what God has said, i.e. agreeing with Him.

It is the first thing you do to make it known to Him that you agree with Him. But somehow we christians get off that real soon, round about the time we pray our very first prayer of repentance. When we become born again we almost immediately give up the habit.

Remember the day when you first came to Christ your Saviour, confessed your sin and asked Christ to come into you heart? That was probably the first and the last time you really made a confession. Hope to God it was not for you, but with many christians it is. And they spend the rest of their christian lives struggling to get through life as a good christian should. In their own strength, that is.

There are not too many christians leading a glorious life, you know. Many struggle, if at all, to overcome, but are they successful? They may be too ashamed to admit it, if you ask them. What you should wonder about is: am I leading the life of a conqueror?

You should, you know.

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