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Believe with your heart

A Very Sound Basis

Myles Munroe, or: Let freedom ring!

In Pursuit of Purpose

The next step, after the message on purpose

And yet another step forward (after the message on purpose)

Charles Capps, or: The creative power of the tongue

Text for this week

Thought for this week

You have the power to overcome

Confess the Word

Introduction (to: Confess the Word)

Step One (after the Introduction to: Confess the Word)

Step Two (after the introduction to: Confess the Word)

Step Three (after the introduction to: Confess the Word)

What are your weapons?

Facts to overcome with

The Armor of God

The belt of truth

Your feet fitted

The shield of faith

The helmet of salvation

The Sword of the Spirit

Seven Ways to Praise

The purposes of the Father

Come to Him

Come into His presence

Be in His Presence

Stay in His Presence

Favorite Links

Contact me

My testimony

The Power of the Blood of the Lamb

Basic facts about the Blood of the Lamb

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