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The helmet of salvation
Have you ever had this experience that you could not see the wood for the trees?

You can look for something, even while it stares you in the face, and not see it.

You remember, if you have read the other pages on this site on the Armor of God, that it took me a long time to discover the truth about the Shield of faith. It was the same way with the helmer of salvation.

The helmet protects my mind, my thoughts, the main battle field where we meet our adversary.

God has created us in such a way that we can only think of one thing at a time, consciously anyway. And this fact comes to help us here. If we can fill our minds with the thoughts from Scripture, no other thoughts can enter our minds.

If we regularly fill our minds with the Word, we can even push wrong thoughts out of our minds by grabbing hold of God's Word.

Every time we read the Word, think the things in it, meditate in it, we put on the helmet of salvation and block out other thoughts from our minds.

Our brains, where, I still believe, most of our thoughts originate, are part of our flesh. It is the supreme way the enemy can control our flesh, if he can control our thinking.

If we can kick him out of there, we deprive him of his chief influence in and hold over our lives.