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Be in His Presence.
This is very important. It may sound like a totally unnecessary thing to say, but yet it seems to me it is important to say it.

How many christians do you know, who come into His presence just to unload their burdens, display them all only to pick them up again and continue to carry their load through life. How many christians do you know who come into His presence for selfish reasons, because they want something out of Him or out of their relationship with Him. How many christians do you know who try to use God and Jesus Christ for their own good, for what they can get out of Them. "These things, my brethren, ought not to be so!" (James 3:10)

Why do friends come together? Do they come together for what they can get out of each other. If they do, their friendship will not last. If they spend time with each other for any other reason than love for one another, their friendship will one day be revealed for what it is: selfishness, love of gain rather than love of the other. If my friends come and visit me, not for me, but for the drinks I pour them and the meals serve them, I will some day find out, and I will not receive them anymore.

Why do you go to Jesus? Do you spend time with Him for His sake, for who He is, rather than for what He has to offer? If you do, you will come into His presence with exceeding joy and sincere thanksgiving for His Truth and Faithfulness and Loyalty toward you. And you will not immediately take off the moment you catch a glimpse of what His goodness has shone down upon you, thinking to yourself that now you can manage on your own again. If you come for the right reasons, you will leave your cares with Him, for He cares for you: you carrying burdens through life is not a testimony and honour to Him. If you come for the right reasons, you will not want to leave.

And then take the next step: Stay in His Presence.